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A lawyer or attorney could cost you thousands of rands! However with Clientele’s brilliant legal package you can rest assured that you will get access to the best lawyers when you really need them. It doesn’t happen often but when legal issues arises you certainly want to be able to afford the best help. Clientele products offer the following advantages:

  • Get legal cover now from only R140 per month
  • Get access to the best lawyers 24/7
  • Get up to R140 000 worth of legal assistance per year
  • Or get R1.4 million cover for life
  • Includes civil, criminal and labour matters
  • Accidental Death Benefit for the main member on selected plans.
  • Optional Accidental Death Benefit for spouse on selected plans.
  • Protection against the effects of inflation on legal costs.

With their policy you also get cover for your spouse and kids under 18 years as well as a retrenchment benefit! All this with No Excess!

Examples of where this policy will cover you:

  • Civil legal matters
    - Any contractual disputes that you may have
    - Injuries suffered personally or even death
    - residential disputes and damage caused to property
  • Crime legal matters
    - Assault cases
    - Driving under the influence cases
  • Labour legal matters
    - CCMA cases
    - Unfair dismissals from work

So do not delay! Get legal insurance today! Click on the banner below and enter your details so they can call you!